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Why Animation?

By lunamik / November 6, 2017

Our days have literally become dominated by digital. Digital screens, digital communication and digital content. From photos, videos, GIF’s, vines, and everything in between – as a viewer, there’s never a lack of moving media being thrown at us.

As such, the advertising game has completely changed – the constant stream of content and media makes it difficult to get the attention of potential customers. So how do you create something which makes your product stand out?

Animation, thats how.

The word “animation” was and still is typically associated with children’s content. This naturally leaves businesses here and there hesitant to approach this media avenue. But let’s not confuse the entire category of “animation” with its smaller sub-genre “cartoons”.

Animation is purely the movement of graphic artwork and design.

Using animation to advertise your business not only engages your customers through an entertaining and easy to understand dialogue, but it also adds value to a business in more ways than one. The Lunamik team huddled together to list the top 3 reasons why we think animation is sometimes just… the better way to go:

1) Timeless Branding

What do you see when you hear “Red Bull”? Their sketchy and iconic characters with wings? Yeah, me too.  At the start of every animation is a blank canvas. And that blank canvas is an amazing opportunity to mould and generate a unique style for your brand.

While using star power in commercials can often garner immediate views, animation provides the longevity of a timeless campaign and opportunity for long lasting media collateral. Not only can the visual content be spread out across all branding platforms – website UI, UX, email marketing, and more,  but the nature of animation also allows greater flexibility to update the video in line with any future branding changes.

2) Simple, Effective and Memorable

The beauty of animation comes from the simplicity which the medium provides. Animated videos can go over the top without being cheesy. They can be minimal without being dull, and most importantly, they can engage a viewer simply because the medium in iteself stands out from the crowd.

A filmed video can be a great form of media for any brand, but creating a decent one takes a lot of time, people and effort – so they’re a dime a dozen. A well executed animated video on the other hand requires much fewer elements to pull off. And the result is an easily understood message in combination with captivating brand-heavy visuals.

3) Anything you could ever imagine

Its all possible with the flick of the wrist (i.e, several hours of moving pixels) when working with animation. You want someone to fly through the air? How about space? No problem. With actual lights, camera, action — that type of thing can be problematic. But it’s not only the wild and spectacular visuals that suit animation, the simplest and most minimal concepts work fantastically well too — drawing the viewers attention toward a specific focal point.

As a creative agency, this is exactly why we love taking on animated projects. The animated medium allows both clients, creatives and customers to dream bigger, louder and with more passion than what the real world allows.

So there you have it – when it comes to versatility of any visual medium, you just can’t beat animation. Whether its the reduced costs, the visual longevity, creating a stronger brand vision, or just giving people the ability to dream a little bigger.

We couldn’t be happier that we get to indulge in animation for our clients all over the word, everyday, all day, here at the Lunamik HQ!

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