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Top 5 Free Programs for Video Editing

By lunamik / January 16, 2017

People who like to take videos can now learn to start editing footages even as a hobby. If you are the person who has a lot of stock footages, then maybe it is time to give a shot at editing. You do not have to worry.

There is software to choose from that can offer you the basic knowledge about video editing. Discussing the expensive programs for post-shoot processing can be intimidating especially if you are not yet professionally involved in the business. Instead, it will be better to talk about the free applications available which can help you hone your skills in editing.

You can be surprised at what you are capable of doing. Nowadays, there are a lot of successful video editors who do not have formal training. There are some who started doing for pass time or hobby.

Through time, they were able to master the process and decided to give it a shot either part-time or as full-time work. You may also be one them. Free programs are the best option for a beginner.

Here are the top 5 video editing programs you can explore.

1.    iMovie

iMovie is the free video editing software for Macintosh OS X users. It is a multimedia editing program that caters first-timers and amateurs. The interface is visually clean, straightforward and easy to understand. Footages can be dragged and drop onto the timeframe with ease. It also has a wide array of visual effects, built-in transitions and a variety of text options to choose.

Since most of these effects are already premade, all you need to do is drag and drop. You can also easily crop or trim videos. iMovie even has an auto edit option. You just have to open the video and choose a template you want to apply to the full footage. It automatically gives color schemes, effects and transitions to your video making it a short film.

2.    Movie Maker

Move Maker is the free software from Windows for people who want to try video editing. It is a very simple video editing application which you can familiarize yourself with in just a few hours. Just like iMovie, they have a clean interface. Clips are seen as thumbnails images which can be trimmed using the click and drag of the cursor.

Once you have the layout of the clips, you can see the effects by clicking the effects tool panel. You also have a music panel for adding a background music which you can also trim. Movie maker can also help you rotate pictures, especially for the mobile phone. It even has a stabilization option to minimize the wobbling effect from recording.

3.    Lightworks

Lightworks is a free video editing software available for Windows, Mac or Linux users. The application features the ability to open free-floating windows all at the same time. It is similar to other editing software which can configure color settings, timeline, audio, transition effects, trimming and a lot more. If you prefer to work and focus on one window, you can do so. Lightworks offers flexible customization that is not available for other programs.

4.    Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is a less known platform for beginners who wants to have more experience in editing. It has a built-in option for Easy or Advanced setup depending on the preference of the user. The Easy option uses drag and drop options while the Advanced mode is much more complicated. Filmora also has a unique selection of overlays, texts, and filters giving your videos an Instagram effect. You can even directly upload the film you just made to Facebook or YouTube.

5.    IvsEdits

The interface of IvsEdits can be more intimidating compared to other free editing programs. It is a great platform to hone you filmmaking skills. IvsEdits is a Windows supported program with multiple window feature for the timeline, audio, and playback of your videos. This program even supports multi-camera editing for those who want to multitask and edit videos from different cameras at the same time.

For people who want to incorporate their stock footages, they can now download the Shutterstock Sequence tool to see how the stock clips fit into your project. You can choose one of the five video editing programs and focus on it for practice and mastery. Eventually, you can shift to other applications. Flexibility is necessary for people who want to thrive in the video/filmmaking industry.

It is a plus on your part to know how to use different programs competently. In the end, all of the time you spent figuring things will inevitably train you to become a good video editor. There are no shortcuts because practice and experience is the only way to get better. With an unlimited source of data on the internet, more people are mastering the art of filmmaking for free inside the comforts of their home.


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