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Revolutionary Technology That Helps You Live More in the Moment

By lunamik / January 18, 2016

There’s no denying it, technology can do wonders for our productivity, efficiency and innovation. It’s allowed us to instantly communicate across oceans, decipher huge amounts of information, and create super efficient processes. And when tech allows us to do all of that and more, why shouldn’t we use it? According to recent reports published by CNN and the Daily Mail, we’re spending near 9 hours a day connected to electronic devices. While this may be cause for celebration to most the digital industry, the over saturation of digital devices in our lives, can leave some of us wildly stressed, full of anxiety, and just plain strung out.

For anyone with a business orientated lifestyle, constantly being connected to technology seems to be a compulsory part of life, so much so that the concept of not having a phone on us at all times would seem to be a literal career ender. But as it turns out, there’s now a middle ground between the two standpoints:

For those in need of a technological detox, meet the healthy solution to your mobile obsession, The Light Phone.

The Light Phone With Grey Backdrop

Renowned for their craft, artist Joe and product designer Kai have envisaged a phone with a purpose as simple as its appearance; to use it as little as possible.

Through a paired app, incoming calls to your smartphone will be redirected to your Light Phone so you can keep in reach of those who matter, without all the ever tempting distractions of your smartphone.

Process of The Light Phone Operation

Small and enduring, The Light Phone is the size of a credit card and lasts 20 days off a full charge, and with a body that’s 4.5mm thick, it’s now the thinnest phone in the world.

Light Phone Characteristics

Instead of creating a device that immerses us further and further into the digital sphere, Joe and Kai set out to design a technology that would restore our ability to live fully in the present moment. And with an intent as pure as that, this may just be the smartest phone ever.

The Light Phone is available for pre-order and is expected to ship in June 2016. You can most certainly count on Lunamik‘s entire team making a pre-order.

Our team will get back to you within 24-hours with next steps.

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