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Modern Marketing: Using Animation to Tell your Story

By lunamik / November 14, 2016

Example Inc. is a successful company that has been doing business for 15 years. While they have been historically successful, the company has witnessed a decrease in sales over the past few years. They receive increasingly fewer sales at their physical locations and want to expand more into internet marketing. The company currently has a website, but it is mostly text with a few clip art photos scattered throughout. Many customers complain that the website is boring and does nothing to capture their attention. What should Example Inc. do?

Like the employees at Example Inc., business professionals work extremely hard to ensure that their brand is effectively reaching customers every day. In a world where more than 2 billion people use the internet, it is important to ensure your business is making its largest possible impact online. Online marketing is not an exact science, but there are simple means of presenting your products and services.

Use animation!

By using animations on your website, you can visually interact with customers while informing them about your business. Many companies have unique stories which can interact with customers far beyond a specific product. Animations allow businesses to tell this story without losing their potential customer to the boredom of plain text on a web page. Companies like Dropbox use a specific type of animation in order to immediately hook users upon their first visit to the site.

Explainer Videos

The best animations for business websites are in the form of explainer videos. Explainer videos are only a couple of minutes long and quickly inform potential customers about a business, their products, and their services. Explainer videos are often placed at the top of the homepage, ensuring they hook potential customers almost immediately.

Not only do explainer videos tell your story, they can also provide your business with several other benefits. Online customers tend to spend much more time on a website with an explainer video compared with a text-only website. The more time users spend on your site, the higher the site will be listed on a related Google search. In addition, explainer videos can be easily shared to various social media sites. With everyone and their grandmother interacting through social media, this is the perfect place for people to recommend your business to family and friends.

Quick Tips

When going through the first of creating your explainer video, consider these quick tips:

Keep Your Video Short- You should aim to keep your explainer video under 90 seconds. The point of explainer videos is to quickly engage the potential customer, not list off every detail about your business.

Pick Important Information- Considering your video should only be about 90 seconds long, it’s important to make sure you are only including the most important details about your business. 90 seconds only equates to about 150-240 spoken words depending on the speed, so don’t waste these words on useless information and filler language.

More Animation, Less Text- Explainer videos are effective at hooking potential customers, and this ability can be expanded if the video has interesting content. Look to include colorful graphics as opposed to uniform text. Use a narrator to convey information while visually engaging your customer with the best animation has to offer.

The End Result

Example Inc. recently added an explainer video to their website. The 90-second video is filled with colourful graphics that accurately describe the company’s role as the top beauty supply chain in the Nashville area. The site webmaster reports that thousands of people have viewed the video, some even sharing the video on sites like Facebook and Twitter. Online sales have drastically increased, and the site has climbed several places on the Google search results. Overall, the company has built many profitable customer relationships as a result of the video and will continue looking to use animations on their website.

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