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Make Your Videos Look Nicer In Less Than A Minute

By lunamik / September 7, 2016

There is no doubt that the best way to get top quality videos is to shoot your videos with the best technique and strict practice. Even with all the advancements in technology, the whole ‘fix it in post’ mentality can wind up being incredibly expensive and time-consuming. A Lunamik Tip: the more you put into the shooting process, the better results you’ll be able to yield in post production: smart lighting set ups, quality sound and technical camera movement is invaluable.

At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to have a few handy post-production tricks in your editing arsenal. Would you believe that there are actually some quick fixes that you can do to your footage that will drastically improve its visual appeal in as fast as 30 seconds? Here are some ways on how you can make this happen.

Changing the Frame-Rate


Most modern day cameras render footage with a standard framerate of 30 frames per second. By simply changing the fps setting on your camera before you shoot to 24 frames per second can make your video look a whole lot more cinematic. 24 fps is considered the standard frame rate in cinema, and since, our eyes have been conditioned to accept this as normality. Even if your camera has already captured footage at a frame rate of 30 fps or more, you can still export it as 24 fps when you’ve finished your project or aside from the cinematic look, choosing this option will also let you extract more frames in case you want to use slow motion effects.

Colour Correction


Another quick fix that goes a long way is correcting the colour of your video. Sometimes we get too excited when shooting the video that we forget to adjust the settings according to the surrounding lighting at the time. As a result, you may have an unpleasant discrepancy from the standard colours. At first, you may not notice it but once you select the auto colour correct you will see how the footage will look even better. Most video editing programs have a one click auto colour correct feature that will let you adjust the colour instantly.


There’s a perfect example of this within Adobe Premiere Pro. Simply Select the Fast Colour Corrector. Take the white colour picker and click on an area that ‘should’ be perfect white in your actual image. Notice how this will change the other colours accordingly. But be patient, this may not work the first time, so re-apply the effect until you’re happy with your image. From here, yu’ll have a much better foundation to start colour grading on.

Crushing the Blacks


‘Crushing the blacks’ is a method that video editors usually use to pertain to darkening of shadows and adjusting the black areas found in the footage. This also affects the contrast and make the colours of your video stand out even more.



There are many accessories that are used for stabilisation purposes. But aside from the equipment, you can actually stabilise footage by just adjusting the stabilisation settings in you editing program. You will be surprised how much better your videos will look like after adjusting its stability. In Adobe Premier Pro, you can use Warp Stabiliser to edit the shaking portions of your video at the click of a button.

Cropping the video

As you know cropping is one of the most common post-production commands. No matter how simple or common it may seem, it has a great effect on your overall quality of videos. In order to meet the best quality of framing, it is necessary to cut out some parts of the background and focus on the framing of your subject. How much you can crop from a video depends on the quality of the lens and camera you are using. You would not want to use a camera that would easily pixelate when you zoom in on the footage. A good quality camera gives you more freedom when playing with the frames.

Using Analytics

While it doesn’t make your video necessarily look any better, it makes your videos a whole lot more useful. Lunamik’s video analytics report on the effectiveness of your content – how your audience is engaging, where they’re dropping off, and what region the majority of your views are hailing from. It’s great to make awesome content, but it’s even better to understand the impact it’s having on your viewers.

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