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Learn about 4K Video 

By lunamik / January 23, 2017

If you are into new technology especially in the film industry, you are aware of the 4K resolution on a display device. While there are other screens, and cameras that have resolution capabilities beyond 4K, 4K is the latest mainstream upgrade to television and screen. 4K means that the horizontal order of resolution is 4,000 pixels while vertical resolution is 2,000 pixels. Although 4K quality videos may not be available in all displays soon, it is becoming more popular nowadays. As someone who shoots video for a living, or at least a hobby, you may want to get ready for the future and start saving in 4K footage. Videos of 4K quality can be licensed. Here are the advantages of licensing a 4K clip and see if it is the right video format for you.

Flexibility in Editing

A licensed 4K footage means that you will be able to crop the 4K video into an HD size of 1920 x 1080. The cropped clip will still retain the quality of the original 4K video. Aside from that, you can also use your 4K clips for zooming and panning clips in HD format. With this flexibility, you can use the 4K videos for all other formats while not giving up the original quality.

For Future Use 

Regarding video quality, we know that 4K image is the future. In a few years, more videos will be rendered in 4K. Maybe even our televisions will be 4K just like how HD evolved today. So if you have the resources and the ability to save your videos in 4K, then do it. In the long run, this will benefit you because we are all sure that 4K quality will not go away anytime soon. Even you keep your stock footage in 4K, you can still use it for creating HD projects.

For people who are working in post-production, the issue of formatting is something they have dealt with over the years. There are instances when they have to redo some videos and footage just because it does not match the new format we are using. For example, if a company decided to purchase a 4K television for their offices and they already have saved some videos in 4K formats, then they would not have any problems of converting their company videos to suit the new 4K displays. With a 4K video format, you can easily give out the company’s video content to your colleagues. Whether they need a 4K quality or just HD, they can use the 4K file you gave them. A 4K quality video is suitable for large LCD screen for advertisements. It is also useful for social media ads or any media presentations.

You know that 4K is the future of video quality. So why not use the future as early as you can to take advantage of all its benefits. You do not have to worry whether or not you need to convert your files to 4K because you already have them. No matter what format you need, you are prepared.

Future 4K products, Innovations, and Prices

In a year or so, it is safe to assume that 4K will become more popular. You will notice that it will be more common. Major brands such as Samsung and Sharp has already produced 4K televisions. The cost of 4K displays also had a major price cut from its introductory price. It is now priced at below $600 with some brands selling it as low as $300. There are also broadcast tests made by NBA and LG, which are successful. It indicates that the idea of having 4K channels on your television may not be that far from the future. Plus Blu-ray 4K DVDs are now available.

Since the introduction of 4K, more consumers and business professionals are using the 4K image quality. As soon as the television prices decrease, there will be more 4K displays. In effect, the video industry will shift to producing 4K videos and movies. The new iPhone 6S already boasts a 12MP 4K video recording. All the other big technology companies will surely follow the footsteps.

In the end, there is no harm in licensing your videos in 4K. Primarily because you can still use it as HD or whatever size you prefer. At the same time, you are securing the future and preparing for it. If you have the resources, who would not want the best image quality? 4K is the future of displays, monitors and television. Having a 4K television or display will surely give you the total movie experience. 4K video quality can also be used for business presentations especially if you are into cinematography and filming. Since its first commercial release 2003, the 4K resolution is being used more and more. YouTube even started supporting 4K videos in 2010. There are even 4K projectors and home theaters available. Netflix also began offering 4K of Breaking Bad and House of Cards in 2011. There will surely be more expansion of 4K in the future.

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