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How to use Effective Video Testimonials in Business

By lunamik / October 20, 2016

Compared to written testimonials, video testimonials are much more personable and can be more effective in creating a bond of trust with potential customers. While written testimonials are great for highlighting specific quotes, they lack the ability to convey the emotions, expressions, and tones that make video testimonies so compelling. In addition, videos are easily shareable and can, therefore, serve networking and marketing purposes as well.

In order to create the most impact with your business’s video testimonials, follow these important tips to create effective videos.

Feature a Powerful Story

Many business testimonials simply involve someone speaking directly to the camera about a positive experience they had with the business. While this type of testimonial does the job of sharing a positive review, there are more effective ways to create a sense of trust and authenticity in a video format. Featuring a powerful story, for instance, is one of the most effective ways to make a connection with potential customers.

When determining your video content, consider the four principles of a story and the value they present:

  • Purpose: The purpose of a story functions to communicate meaning.
  • Place: Place and setting in your video serve to establish authenticity and familiarity.
  • People: The people you feature in your video can establish a positive connection with your audience. Unlike the anonymity of a written review, hearing and seeing a person in a video makes your testimonial videos more personable.
  • Plot: Often overlooked, the plot can make your video engaging and entertaining.

The last two pillars, people and plot, are especially important elements of a video testimonial that businesses can highlight in order to maximize effectiveness.

Portray Strong Characters

The characters, meaning the real people in your video, act as spokespersons for the reputation of your brand, which is why it is important that they are perceived as the real, three-dimensional individuals that they are. The best video testimonials allow the characters’ personalities, motives, and desires to shine through in order to develop a sense of trust with potential customers.

When searching for people to feature in your video testimonial, select those who have compelling stories, stronger personalities, and can convey the sense of desire that they were able to fulfill with the help of your company. Establishing trustworthy characters with shared desires to your target audience, allows viewers to empathize with your companies testimonial, making the message much more effective.

Use Your Plot to Engage Viewers

Building up the plot of your testimonial can create a much more engaging story. In order to create a compelling plot, consider introducing a conflict based on your characters desires that your business was able to resolve. Focusing on the challenges resulting from your characters conflict, and then presenting the solutions that your company was able to provide, is an effective way to demonstrate the strengths of your business and the value that it has to offer to potential customers.

By following these tips, your business can create highly effective videos that stand out from the competition, capture audience attention, and spotlight persuasive and genuine testimonials.


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