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How to Earn Video Views That Actually Mean Something

By lunamik / October 17, 2016

Videos are excellent multimedia tools that businesses can use to engage with their customers. Because videos combine visual and auditory elements, they can efficiently pack a lot of information into a short clip and quickly capture viewers’ undivided attention. In addition, when videos are strategically posted, they can convert views into sales.

Whether you are considering creating an “About Us” video, a new product announcement, a tutorial, or any other type of video content, following these easy steps can ensure that your video earns views that actually matter.

  1. Consider your target audience

When creating a video, it is important to consider your target audience and cater your language and content accordingly. Using language that is difficult for your audience to understand, or featuring irrelevant or boring content, will cause them to lose interest quickly.

On the other hand, if you are able to create helpful and engaging content for your target audience, customers are more likely to share your video with their network of connections, thereby increasing the visibility of your brand, creating a community, and improving the chances for conversions.

  1. Post it to your website

Hosting a video on your Home Page or your About Page, so that it is the first thing that viewers see when visiting your website, can quickly communicate the value of your company. Posting a video on your website also increases the chances of sales, as your products/services page is at most just a click away. Additionally, if your website video is shared, then you are creating a network of links that can direct traffic back to your website.

When creating a website video, consider keeping it short and direct, and include a call to action at the end like “browse through our services” or “contact us for a free quote”.

  1. Blog it

Another great platform for video sharing is on your company’s blog. Blogs are great for tutorials, product launch announcements, testimonials, and other entertaining and useful content that exhibits the value of your brand, products, or services.  

Combining written content with a video on your blog can increase your website’s SEO and attract business leads.

  1. Send it via email

Sending occasional promotional videos via email can be a great way to reach out to loyal and potentially lapsed customers alike. When emailing videos make them the focus of your message and choose an attractive thumbnail to increase the chances of customers clicking play.

  1. Share on social media

Lastly, posting videos to your company’s social media accounts can increase your online presence and add value to your social media campaign. Since social media is becoming increasingly visually-centered, this is a great platform for videos to succeed.

When creating videos for social media, make them conversational and entertaining in order to increase the chances that they will get shared. Any shares of your videos can draw viewers back to your social media page, thereby increasing your brand awareness.

By following these tips, your company can benefit from views that actually matter. While many business owners may instinctively think to post their company’s videos to YouTube or Vimeo, this may not be the best platform to capitalize on video views. At Lunamik, we believe that by targeting potential customer with your content, and sharing videos on the right platforms, your videos can become one of your most powerful networking and branding tools by directing traffic back to your website or affiliated webpages.

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