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Lunamik produces high-quality, animated video content that explains your business in seconds.
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  • Using Voice to Make Technology Disappear
    You can use Snips to build powerful voice assistants for your products. They will run on-device, work offline and guarantee Privacy by Design.
    Online Commercial
  • Simplicity at Scale
    Digital Ocean
    Lunamik was tasked with capturing all the unique benefits of Digital Ocean's flagship product, Droplets — and delivering them in a single, sexy, easy-to-understand animation for developers.
    Animated Explainer Video
  • Field Service
    Loc8 is the one centralised platform for successfully running your service business. From task scheduling, delegation, on the spot payments, right through to asset management, you can take complete control — anywhere, anytime.
    Online Commercial (HD)

Melbourne based. Global reach.Simple, cost-effective and high-performing. Animated videos are engaging and can explain any kind of complex products with ease.

We are story-driven.

With a bespoke approach, we strive for animation that will always be in line with your brand. We’re here to create something memorable, not dodgy squiggle cartoons.

An award-winning team.

From motion graphics to 2D animation, we collaborate with some of the top illustration talent from around the world.Our animation extends into explainer videos, commercials and training content.

Recent Work

Your Guide to the Outdoors
From your everyday calm stroll, to your courageous mountain bike, to your thrill-seeking kayak — AllTrails has you covered with detailed maps, ratings and safety tips. AllTrails partnered with Lunamik to create an animated piece that encapsulated their entire brand end-to-end.
Animated Explainer Video
Xiaomi Robot Vacuum
Sleek, white and loveable — Xiaomi's new robot vacuum is cleaning up the market.
Online Commercial & Keynote Video
Visual Recognition Technology
Computer vision is being applied to all types of verticals from medical, to construction, to law enforcement. Lunamik created an animated short to bring to light only a portion of what this amazing technology can do. This isn't some sci-fi future anymore, this is here, right now.
Animated Explainer Video
Pressplay on Your Day
With a sleek and compact capsule that stores everything from lip-gloss to mascara, Pressplay gives women a much-needed mobility for their modern lifestyles.
Social Advert
Search Made Right
Algolia's search API lets developers get lightning fast search up in minutes. Our challenge was to take a powerful and complex product and simplify it down to its core value propositions.
Animated Explainer Video
Schiavello's ECE
We worked to craft a new personality for Schiavello's new Early Contractor Engagement model. The result was a combination of live-action and animation, emphasising Schiavello's modern and contemporary identity from the rest of the construction field.
Online Commercial
Cricket ID
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia has modernised the way the entire country interacts with their favourite sport. We created an animation to engage, educate and excite Australian cricket fans on the upcoming changes that Cricket ID is bringing — both digitally and in-match.
Online Commercial (HD)
Withings Activité
Our award for the most seamless tech-wearable we're yet to experience.A classic and beautifully designed watch, with smart features including steps taken, minutes asleep, and advanced tracking of your time spent swimming.The Withings Activité gets it just right.    
Online Commercial (HD)
Connect Better
Cadabbra is a new online platform that sparks desire, and fuels purchase. Lovingly curated by people dedicated to great design, we make it easy for customers passionate about quality, craftsmanship and heritage, to find inspiration and connect with designers they love.
Animated Explainer (HD)
MiJia Smart Home
A sneak peak at the seamlessness and beauty of the Xiaomi smart-home ecosystem.
Online Commercial & Keynote Video
Built For Getting Things Done
Nirvana is sleek, sexy but most of all it's efficient. It's a multi-device platform that brings clarity to your everyday schedule, whether you're busy with work, home improvement, or your own passion projects, Nirvana helps you prioritise everything in perfect alignment and even filters out what isn't relevant to your current setting. All this and so much more.
Online Commercial (HD)
Connect With Your Loved Ones
Built for parents and children, Watchphone is a safe and simple way to keep connected with your loved ones. Oaxis wanted a light and heartfelt story, along with simple animated overlays to demonstrate the amazing functionality of the device.
Online Commercial (HD)
Network RMIT
RMIT University
In partnership with RMIT, we created an animation that would be advertised across graduation day in Melbourne's very own Federation Square and Etihad stadium — exhibiting their brand new platform, NetworkRMIT. It's a place where graduates past and present can connect, collaborate and build the future together.
Online & In-Place Commercial (HD)
Intelligence at your Service
This is artificial intelligence for a successful customer experience. BotCentral partnered with Lunamik to create an animated piece that would exemplify the potential use cases of its three primary bots — supporting employee function, automating entire processes and keeping customers happy.
Animated Explainer Video
Shoot. Create. Share
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia's new fancam app creates an enriched in-stadium experience, all whilst having a load of fun with family and friends. Our video was used across social platforms to promote the new app.
Social Video Advertisement
InkCase i7 Plus
Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus is the first of its kind. A fully-functional second screen for your iPhone that doubles as an e-reader. We were tasked with gathering the public’s opinion on how the InkCase i7 works for them. The verdict? We helped raise over $170,000 on Kickstarter smashing their goal by over six times!
Kickstarter Video
Own Your Health
A Y-Combinator graduate and rocketing startup, PatientBank allows Americans to store and access all their medical records online safely and securely. This animation will help educate patients across more than 2000 hospitals in the US. Helping them understand how PatientBank can uniquely benefit them.
Animated Explainer Video
Simpler and Safer
Wanderful.io helps young people find affordable accommodation without compromising on location, quality, flexibility, and a sense of home. We were asked to create a fun and engaging video to help new audiences understand Wanderful’s concept and ease of use.
Animated Explainer Video
Our Future Workplace
Schiavello has always been a visionary. Not only in the approach to its projects, but in its workplace facilities and culture too. We worked with Schiavello to create a brief insight into what the future of their workplace will look like in the new decade, depicting what a normal day will look like in the eyes of a Schiavello employee.
Brand Animation
Delight Your Employees
We teamed up with employee happiness company Fond for their colourful rebrand. Our video had a real focus on employee benefits, and how we perceive our free time and distinct from work time.
Animated Explainer Video

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