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5 Reasons to Use Product Videos

By lunamik / October 27, 2016

In the world of online marketing, videos are an expected form of digital media. Videos offer web users the opportunity to receive large amounts of information in far less time than a typical text box. If you are a company which offers products through the internet, videos are the perfect way to market these products while engaging customers on an effective level.

Explain Your Product

It is estimated that 1.5 trillion dollars’ worth of commerce is done via the internet every year. In order to tap into this well of internet revenue, it is important that customers readily understand your products. Videos are the most effective means of explaining products because they capture attention, convey information, and leave a lasting impression. With internet retail giants such as Amazon selling virtually everything, it is important that customers can quickly understand the details of your product without getting lost or confused.


Showcase Product Utility

There may be thousands of products just like yours on the internet, but that does not mean you cannot convince a customer that you are number one. Even if you are selling something as simple as a water bottle, you can still use a video to increase the potential joy a customer may receive from buying your product. For example, if you make hiking a theme in your video, you have a greater chance of convincing hikers and other outdoor enthusiasts to buy your bottle as opposed to a competitor’s. Videos can increase the assumed utility of any product, making them ideal for your online business!

Engage Your Customer

While Amazon is effective at selling various products to millions of customers, their site primarily relies on text and product photos. By using a video to showcase your product, you will engage the customer and position your company above other online competitors. Customers also trust businesses which includes product videos. Since product videos take some time and consideration to create, businesses appear to have a true focus on the customer when they include them.

Display Other Aspects of Your Business

Imagine this. A customer visits your website, looks at a certain product video, and then still decides that they do not wish to purchase the product. While this may seem like a worst-case scenario, an effective product video has the ability to refer the potential customer to another product or aspect of your business. Be sure to include information on similar products, different products, or any unique services your business offers within any given product video.

Reach New Customers and Markets

If you are offering quality products for a competitive price, chances are people will want to tell their family and friends about your business. If your website is using product videos, customers will have the ability to share your products on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. Customers will be marketing your products to millions of people for absolutely free. Your product will reach the new customers that your business did not have the ability to draw in before. While anyone can share a URL and hope their friends follow the trail, people are almost instantly enticed to watch a creative video.


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