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4 Reasons Why Your Kickstarter Campaign Needs a Video

By lunamik / November 10, 2016

Hook the Audience

It is a simple fact that people can process information much quicker when viewing and listening to a video instead of reading large amounts of text. With the state of technology in 2016, people simply expect creative videos. If a user clicks on to your account and does not immediately see a video, there is a 60% chance that the user will leave the page without reading anything but the title. Do not let your important ideas go to waste because you did not put in the time to make a video. It is the basis for attracting and making people aware of your campaign! Without a video, you are missing out on countless opportunities to attract more people to your campaign.

Raise More Money

As you are likely aware, Kickstarter is an all or nothing fundraising source. This means if an artist makes a Kickstarter requesting $1000, he or she will not receive anything unless the campaign actually raises the full $1000. Current Kickstarter statistics state that 56% of campaigns do not receive funding. That means less than half of all Kickstarters are actually successful. With this kind of system, it is critically important that you produce a Kickstarter which can convince as many people as possible to donate. A video is one of the easiest ways to raise more money. Campaigns with videos are 85% more likely to receive total funding. While you can spend hours deciding the details for your project, the decision to include a video will determine much of your success.

Add Personality to Your Campaign

While the video serves to hook your audience and raise more money, it also does the best job at showcasing your personality! Let’s face it. You are on Kickstarter because you want to be different and showcase your ideas to other creative thinkers. Why would you use anything but a video to do this? If you are a painter, looking for $10,000 to make it in Brazil, a video can present your extravagant work and clips of the places you are interested in. Also, people have the ability to see you and put a face with the campaign. In as little as 30 seconds, a Kickstarter video can convey your goal and give establish a human connection between you and the audience.

Market Your Campaign on Social Media

With 2 billion people using social media sites worldwide, your Kickstarter will greatly benefit from being shared with this audience. If your Kickstarter has an effective video, you can confidently share the link on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. People will follow the Kickstarter link and be immediately greeted by your video. Also, if people are not very familiar with Kickstarter, you can simply share the video on social media with a link for donations. Kickstarter is extremely effective at reaching like-minded professionals, but only you can market your ideas to the millions of people on social media platforms.


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