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Choosing the Best Video Editing Headphones

By lunamik / December 31, 2016

Editing a video involves a lot of audio work. Most people overlook the importance of sound to the point that it is left out of the editing step. But if you work with professionals, you will understand that sound recordings are not supplementary. Video and audio work together to create a beautiful masterpiece. The sound of the video helps in creating a mood or tone for the story. Somehow, music also contributes in dictating the pace of the video. If done properly, the audio and video will be in complete harmony. Otherwise, even great footages can be ruined because of poor audio.

A polished and quality audio recording is a result of the tedious sound editing. An important instrument in audio editing is the headphones. A great quality of headphone can contribute a lot in enabling you to edit a recording clearly. Every sound in the background can be adjusted and removed if you have high-quality headphones. If you plan to buy a headphone especially for video editing, here are the top models you may want to consider.

SONY MDR 750-6 – $130

This model from Sony is the standard headphones you will find in video and film industry. There is a high chance you will see one when you look around various audio studios from around the world. Sony MDR 750-6 is a closed-back type of headphones with a very low impedance, high current, and low voltage. Impedance is the electric circuit’s effective resistance to alternating current. In effect, it is good in canceling the background noise which is needed if you want to focus on the voice. Overall, it still needs editing skills and mixing the audio well to have a good sound quality.

SENNHEISER HD 280 Pro -$135

The Sennheiser HD 280 Pro features comfortability for its users. Just like its more expensive version, the HD6 Mix siblings, it has the durability that can last for years if not decades. For its price, it is already a competitive audio equipment. The HD 280 headphone has up to 32 dB ambient noise attenuation built with neodymium magnets. It also has a collapsible and swiveling design making it portable.

SONY MDR-V6 -$98

The Sony MDR-V6 is a model that is closely related to MDR 750-6 mentioned above. The difference between the two is subtle. Both are equally reliable headphones, but MDR V-6 has wider dynamic bass range. This pair of headphone also comes cheaper compared to the MDR 750-6 counterpart making it a good substitute if you are on a budget.


The Beyerdynamic DT 880 headphones boast a frequency range of 5 and 35 Hz with a 96dB nominal sound pressure. It is an excellent upgrade to the Sennheiser HD 280 and Sony MDR 7506/ MDR V6 model. The design has a semi-open around the ear design that is ideal for matching room sounds. It also has a quality ear pads giving softness and comfort.


The HD 600 Sennheiser headphone is one of the high-end headphones available for video editing. According to reviews, the knock on the headphone may feel uncomfortable. But otherwise, the quality and precision are on the top. It has open metal grilles for added durability. It even gives a more sturdy effect to the sound which they describe as exceptionally accurate. A detachable OFC cable is used for more flexibility in movement. The open air design of Sennheiser HD 600 makes it ideal especially for mixing sounds while minimizing the distortion.

These are just the top headphones for video editing. There are many options to choose from. You can read more reviews about the specific model you are interested in. The headphone you should buy depends highly on your purpose, budget, and quality you need. If you are not making film or television quality videos, the standard headphone is already a good purchase. When starting a video editing company, you can make do with entry level or standard headphones at first. As you progress with you work, you can always upgrade your equipment to provide better service for your clients. If you plan to invest for long term video production business, you can opt to buy the top of the line headphones which are usually more expensive.

You should also take into consideration the help you get from various software. With technology nowadays, the difference in price can be compensated by skills in audio editing. Learning how to tweak and improve the sounds and audio can impact greatly on the overall output of the video. Even you have the most expensive headphones, the knowledge in music editing is highly needed. Weighing how the headphones and the software affect each other can be a good way to help you decide the model you want to purchase. Ultimately, the best headphones will be the one that you are satisfied to use.


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