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  • Search Made Right
    Algolia's search API lets developers get lightning fast search up in minutes. Our challenge was to take a powerful and complex product and simplify it down to its core value propositions.
    Animated Explainer Video
  • Xiaomi Robot Vacuum
    Sleek, white and loveable — Xiaomi's new robot vacuum is sure to clean up the market. 
    Online Commercial & Keynote Video
  • Schiavello's ECE
    Schiavello reached out to us with the idea of creating a personality and explanation for their new Early Contractor Engagement model. The result was a combination of live-action and animation, which further contrasted Schiavello's modern and contemporary identity from the rest of the construction field.
    Online Commercial (HD)


Melbourne based. Global reach.We work with both innovative startups and larger corporations to create stunning, shareworthy videos.We strive for a harmonious balance between aesthetics, emotion and information.

We tell stories.

Excite and engage.As the most effective and stimulating communications tool, video can be used in many ways to help grow your business. It can exhibit your products, showcase your services, better inform your market, and help encourage your team.We film high quality productions for brands who aim to strengthen their presence in the digital world.Our projects are shot in stunning 4K resolution and are optimisable across every device; mobile to television. This way, you can maximise your distribution channels and better leverage your content.

Excite and engage.

Be the part. And look the part.Your digital presence never rests. It’s a 24/7 operation — accessible from desks, pockets, and wrists.Implementing contemporary design standards into your brand’s visual identity will help you stand out from your competitors and boost customer engagement.That’s why we offer modern and effective re-branding for your website, applications and logos, ensuring that your online identity is captivating, informative and memorable.Invite us to your team of professionals and let us enhance your digital marketing efforts in Melbourne and the rest of Australia.

Recent Work

Connect Better
Cadabbra is a new online platform that sparks desire, and fuels purchase. Lovingly curated by people dedicated to great design, we make it easy for customers passionate about quality, craftsmanship and heritage, to find inspiration and connect with designers they love.
Animated Explainer (HD)
Connect With Your Loved Ones
Built for parents and children, Watchphone is a safe and simple way to keep connected with your loved ones. Oaxis wanted a light and heartfelt story, along with simple animated overlays to demonstrate the amazing functionality of the device.
Online Commercial (HD)
Withings Activité
Our award for the most seamless tech-wearable we're yet to experience.A classic and beautifully designed watch, with smart features including steps taken, minutes asleep, and advanced tracking of your time spent swimming.The Withings Activité gets it just right.    
Online Commercial (HD)
MiJia Smart Home
A sneak peak at the seamlessness and beauty of the Xiaomi smart-home ecosystem.
Online Commercial & Keynote Video
World's 50 Best Restaurants 2017
World's 50 Best
We teamed up with World's 50 Best to film their awards event for Best Restaurant here in Melbourne. We were fortunate enough to interview some of the world's very best, including Joan Roca, Ben Shewry, and winner Daniel Humm.
Event Video
Own Your Health
A Y-Combinator graduate and rocketing startup, PatientBank allows Americans to store and access all their medical records online safely and securely. This animation will help educate patients across more than 2000 hospitals in the US. Helping them understand how PatientBank can uniquely benefit them.
Animated Explainer Video
Simpler and Safer helps young people find affordable accommodation without compromising on location, quality, flexibility, and a sense of home. We were asked to create a fun and engaging video to help new audiences understand Wanderful’s concept and ease of use.
Animated Explainer Video
InkCase i7 Plus
Oaxis InkCase i7 Plus is the first of its kind. A fully-functional second screen for your iPhone that doubles as an e-reader. We were tasked with gathering the public’s opinion on how the InkCase i7 works for them. The verdict? We helped raise over $170,000 on Kickstarter smashing their goal by over six times!
Kickstarter Video
Proxibid Risk Management System
Online bidding platform Proxibid has changed the very concept of the digital marketplace. With so many products and services to bid from, Proxibid wanted an explainer for it's very own risk management system, keeping buyers and sellers at ease throughout the bidding process.
Animated Explainer Video (HD)
Shoot. Create. Share
Cricket Australia
Cricket Australia's new fancam app creates an enriched in-stadium experience, all whilst having a load of fun with family and friends. Our video was used across social platforms to promote the new app.
Social Video Advertisement
Rendezvous Kyoto
Helping inspire curious travellers all over the globe to adventure without limitation, using the nation’s most innovative small-group travel company, Intrepid.
Landing Page Video (HD)
For Business
CurrencyFair has transferred over €4 Billion and saved customers €160 Million in countries all over the world. Lunamik was asked by CurrencyFair to create a video for its new B2B component of the platform
Animated Explainer Video
Big Market Online Identity
Big Market
Designing the front-end for an upcoming sales software that is about to revolutionise how small businesses operate their B2B marketing strategy.
Web Design & Mobile UI
Delight Your Employees
We teamed up with employee happiness company Fond for their colourful rebrand. Our video had a real focus on employee benefits, and how we perceive our free time and distinct from work time.
Animated Explainer Video
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Corporate video production is for companies that want to take their online digital presence to the next level. If you've heard of viral videos, you know of the massive traffic that can be generated when an idea takes off and is shared between thousands of accounts on social media. How do take advantage of this phenomenon for your own business? Lunamik can help you fashion your ideas into viral digital marketing, potentially earning large volumes of comments and traffic from video production Melbourne.

Corporate Video Production

This will create a positive buzz around your business and sign new clients. Furthermore, it will produce an environment where people share links to your site -- thereby creating what Google refers to as "backlinks". This shows evidence of popularity and will enable your website to gain even more free traffic as people search for your industry or niche and discover your website ranking within the top 10 search engine results.This entire process begins with video production. Our office is located in Melbourne and we are able to serve clients in person if they conduct their business here. We handle projects from start to finish, from initial concept, storyboarding, recording, editing and post-production through delivery of a digital project ready for use. We offer support and consultation for the promotion of your video should you need help with marketing it.

Corporate video production Melbourne

Supporting local business is something we take seriously at Lunamik. If we need a product or service that can be provided by a local business, we give preference to those companies within our community. It keeps the prosperity close to home and makes good business sense. If you are located in Melbourne, we ask that you give us a try when you need video production. Should we also need services of a corporate video production Melbourne company that has your offerings, we will certainly return the favor and patronise local businesses.

What is the cost?

Many things factor into the final cost of your project. The main factors boil down into four different aspects. Following is a brief description of them all.
  • Filming Time: This would be the total number of ours we spend actually shooting the video we will later edit and process.
  • Production Time: This involves the editing of your videos. We piece together various separate filming shoots and put them together into a final product for digital delivery.
  • On Location: Sometimes the video calls for on-location filming. When this is the case, travel time would be factored in to the expense.
  • Video Components: This includes aspects such as animation, hiring and coordinating actors or people to be filmed.

Project Size

We create digital excellence from big to small. Regardless of your budget, we can bring your vision to life. We create digital masterpieces and have done so for some of the worlds most loved brands. We will produce your video to be better than you ever imagined it could be. Following are more related activities we cover at video production melbourne.
  • Concept Development: We can run with your vision or add to it.
  • Script Writing: If you like to delegate large tasks and leave the details to others, we can handle the details.
  • Creative Direction: Bringing your vision to life is our passion.
  • Project Management: There are a surprising amount of details associated with putting a digital creation together. We handle the entire scope of this from beginning to end.
Video is a progressive and cost effective method of getting your message out to the world. It captures your audience's attention to make your point. You have likely viewed other examples of incredible design and are eager to implement your own vision. The challenge lies in finding the right video production company to bring your thoughts alive. Lunamik is a Melbourne based company who can help you realise your vision of an outstanding and captivating promotional video with video production melbourne.